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Ferrari Tour Club Edition

Ready to enter a world of superlative experiences? Ferrari Tour Club Edition are a series of exclusive driving events, mixing the freedom of the open road with the thrill of the track, created to allow you to share unique moments in wonderful locations. Discover our Ferrari GT Tour for memorable adventures along some of Europe's most breathtakingly beautiful driving roads in a world of exclusivity and luxury, or our Ferrari Sport Tour, to unleash your racing spirit on some of Europe's most iconic roads and circuits.

Ferrari GT Tour

Ferrari GT Tours take you on a series of delightful surprises and memorable adventures along some of Europe's most awe-inspiring roads, allowing you to experience the ultimate combination of next level luxury and driving pleasure. Guests will also relax and unwind in unparalleled comfort at the end of each day's journey in luxurious surroundings. You will enjoy the region's finest restaurants, handpicked to provide you with authentic regional gourmet cuisine menus in stunning locations.

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Ferrari Sport Tour

Looking to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush? The Ferrari Sport Tours are a perfect balance of country road driving that encompass some of Europe's greatest driving roads en route to the continent's most prestigious circuits, the revered “cathedrals of motorsport”. A perfect balance of luxury experiences, country-road driving, and thrilling track activities designed to bond you with your Ferrari, while enjoying Ferrari hospitality at each destination.

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